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  • Struggling with high healthcare costs?
  • Need better mental health and wellness care?
  • Want affordable prescriptions, labs, and major incident coverage?
  • Discover our innovative solutions below!

ICONIA provides a lot of care at one low monthly price. Care you can afford! Care you deserve!


Healthcare Benefit Essential Care
No Age Restriction
Complete Care
No Age Restriction
Complete Care Plus
Drug Savings
  • $0 or $1 for 100s of drugs
  • Diabetic care (insulins, drugs, testing supplies)
Drug Savings Drug Savings Drug Savings
Mental Health
  • 24/7 access to comprehensive crisis counselors (Telephonic/Video/In-Person)
  • Inpatient and Outpatient care for withdrawal treatment
Mental Health Mental Health
Telemedicine with Same Doctor Option
  • Unlimited Calls/Visits
  • Choice of board-certified virtual primary care provider
Telemedicine with Same Doctor Option Telemedicine with Same Doctor Option
Dental, Vision, plus other services
  • Save on dental including x-rays, teeth cleaning, crowns.
  • Save on vision including glasses, contacts, exams and laser surgery.
Dental and Vision Dental and Vision
Smart Phone Vital Signs Technology
  • Vital Signs & Mood Monitoring
  • Vital Sign reading within 30 seconds with 95% accuracy
  • (can be sold separately)
Smart Phone Vital Signs Technology
Blood work & Lab Testing
  • Unlimited blood work at 2,000 locations
  • $0 out-of-pocket cost
Blood work & Lab Testing
Hospital Bill Eraser
  • Hospital bill negotiation & free hospital care evaluation
  • Price transparency service
Hospital Bill Eraser
Covers Family Members
Covers Family Members
for Employee Only (Family Options Available)
Catastrophic Health Plan
  • Catastrophic health care financial benefit
  • Surgeries & Hospitalization covered
Catastrophic Health Plan These two services can be added to the Complete Care Plus Bundle.

Age Branded, Starting at $231.87 Family Options Available
Direct & Virtual Primary Care
  • Physicians, Urgent Care Clinics & Virtual Telehealth
  • Chronic disease management
Direct & Virtual Primary Care

Pharmacy Program

A prescription plan offering a comprehensive solution covering most of your prescription needs.

  • 200 commonly prescribed Chronic Drugs for only $1 per fill.
  • 37 acute care drugs for immediate needs at $0.
  • Cost saving solutions for expensive brand name and specialty drugs.
  • Up to a 90-day supply for free or $1 on certain medications.
  • 3000+ mail order medications for $14.99 or less.
  • Discounts on all other medications at all pharmacies.
  • Great Pricing for critical Diabetic Care. (Insulins, Drugs, Testing Supplies)

Mental Health Program

A behavioral health solution that covers you for most of those unexpected behavioral health issues.

  • 24/7 access to crisis counselors for Behavioral and Substance issues.
  • Instant AI mental health support through text.
  • Comprehensive counseling- Telephonic/Video/In-person.
  • In-patient and Out-Patient Care for Residential Treatment with Withdrawal Management.

Telemedicine Services

Provides members with 24/7/365 access to our highly qualified, licensed healthcare providers by phone or video to experience immediate & lasting benefits.

  • Urgent Care: Virtual treatment for common illnesses & injuries - like colds, rashes, & sinus symptoms.
  • Men's Health: Discuss sensitive men's health issues, such as ED, hair loss, sexual health & more, in a safe & confidential space.
  • Women's Health: Seek expert advice on sensitive women's health issues like birth control, pregnancy & sexual wellness.
  • Conditions & Concerns: WHVC prioritizes whole-person health. Our skilled providers are here to help with everything from acne and allergies to marital problems and mood swings.

Dental & Vision

National access to deeply discounted savings on dental, vision, and other services.

  • Dental: Save 15% to 50% on dental care, including cleanings, x-rays and crowns.
  • Vision: Save 10% to 60% on glasses, contacts, laser surgery and exams.

Many additional discount services are also available.

Laboratory Blood Testing Services

A value-added health benefit that can help save you money on outpatient laboratory testing.

  • World's largest blood work and other clinical laboratory testing company with over 2,000 locations.
  • Unlimited blood work and other testing for over 1,200 tests.
  • Walk in. Walk out. No Payment!
  • No out-of-pocket cost.
  • This is a subscription program and is NOT insurance.

Smart Phone Vital Signs Technology

Facial Recognition Health & Wellness with no copays, additional fees, or surprise bills. One subscription for the entire family unlimited access to our team of online primary care doctors and certified telehealth therapists.

  • Smartphone or Tablet App allows you to take your vitals from a selfie!
  • Can detect blood flow under your skin so within 30 seconds & you have an accurate vital sign reading!
  • No need to download a separate app, it’s all in your Doctegrity telemedicine app!
  • Patient Monitoring services with transfer of data with HIPAA compliance!
  • We can measure your: heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, variable heart rate, cardio workload and even your mental health stress level!

Hospital Bill Eraser Program

Based on the Affordable Care Act of 2010 which set forth an IRS 501r requirement that non-profit hospitals must provide free and discounted care.

  • CareGuide: A Medical cost savings, price transparency and advocacy company.
  • Hospital Bill Eraser: 100M qualify for free or discounted care. We get it for you. For all other members, our hospital bill negotiation services help erase bills. We take on the hospital for you.
  • Money Map: Within seconds, our advocates use our low-cost locator for routine care including blood work, imaging, surgery centers and urgent care centers and your zip code.
  • Pricing Portal: Hospitals want their pricing kept a secret ,but our advocates know them and use them to your advantage. Never overpay for care when you know the price of care.
  • Over 5,000 hospitals participate in this program.

HealthCare Share Program

For your Catastrophic and Essential Health Care needs accessing our National Primary Care and Urgent Care providers.

  • The affordable alternative to traditional health insurance for catastrophic care.
  • No annual or lifetime caps on sharing.
  • Keep your doctor.
  • No network limiting constraints for care.
  • Surgeries and Hospitalization: covered 100% after members pay their shared expense.

Direct Primary Care Program

A national membership providing Unlimited access to Direct Primary Care and Urgent Care In-person and 24/7 Unlimited Virtual Consultations.

  • Bilingual licensed medical providers online or by phone, 24/7/365, at $0 out-of-pocket cost to members.
  • Primary Care doctor visits with a $10 visit fee.
  • Urgent Care visits with a $25 visit fee.
  • Patient navigation center to schedule care for members.
  • Chronic Disease Management of 13 chronic disease states for the same $10 visit fee.

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